Entrepreneurs and delegation have a long and turbulent history together. Handing over the reins can be one of the most vulnerable things leaders can do. But people who can’t delegate often work more than they need to, experience burnout, take on more than they can handle and feel frustrated and without support. To build a high-performing team, you must master the core leadership skill of delegating.

Business owners, as well as delegation, have a stormy and also lengthy background with each other. Turning over the reins can be among one the most susceptible points leaders can do. Individuals that can not pass on usually function even more than they require to, experience exhaustion, take on even more than they can manage and also really feel annoyed and also without assistance.

  1. To do it right, I have to do it myself.

Another myth is that if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. This idea carried to its logical conclusion guarantees failure in management. This myth will hold you back in management and condemn you to continually operating rather than managing. The biggest reason for failure in the executive suite and management is the inability to move from doing the job to managing the job.

Eliminate the misconception:

The natural tendency is to fall back into your comfort zone and starting doing it rather than delegating it. Your job is to manage and not to operate. Delegating is also important for the training and development of your staff. Teach them something new and they will appreciate you for it.

  1. If I pass on, my duty goes to danger.

It normally develops primitive anxiety that we’re not as required or vital when we expand others as well as share obligations. This unfavorable self-talk produces stress on a group as well as suppresses development. In truth, when you purchase others, you have the possibility to produce even more worth by utilizing the moment you maximized to include even more worth on your own.

Eliminate the misconception:

Great business society identifies that high-performing groups succeed as a result of equipping, inspiring leaders. An effective group isn’t an indicator that you aren’t required– it’s an indicator that you’re important to success. Expanding your group (i.e. passing on) is one of the most crucial points you can do as a leader.

  1. They can’t do it as well as I can.

While we want to believe in our teams, there is some truth to this myth. If you’ve been bogarting a task or role for a long time, you’re the expert. That pattern will never change unless you take time to propagate your expertise.

Eliminate the misconception:

Invest in people. This is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve gotten from Clay Mathile, Aileron’s Founder, and it’s one I carry with me every day. Your team is your most valuable resource, and spending time growing their skills is an investment. They might not get it right the first time. Or even the second time. But the ultimate end result will be a team that operates comfortably and autonomously, freeing up your time. You might also be surprised at the skills and diverse perspectives they bring to the table.

  1. Delegating is belittling.

A while back, I was struggling with hiring an assistant. I felt it wasn’t fair to ask someone to do things I was clearly capable of doing myself. And then my friend called me arrogant. She brought up that my thinking I could do this work better than professionals who had different strengths — strengths that our organization desperately needed — was inherently insulting. She was right. That feedback allowed me to realize that hiring an assistant would make our organization stronger as a whole.

Eliminate the misconception:

When you assume tasks are trivial, you fail to recognize their importance. No office could run without effective planning and scheduling. No event would succeed without meticulous vendor coordination. These tasks aren’t mundane — they’re the fibers that hold together effective organizations. Change your perspective and acknowledge just how important these functions are. By doing so you’ll recognize the significance of the people doing them.