As an entrepreneur, you may feel like you are getting torn in a million directions. You have emails to attend to, clients to keep happy, and employees to watch over. Making time for it all can be daunting and overwhelming. Add in the unplanned and unexpected, and you have a recipe for overload.

Staying organized is a test even for the best entrepreneurs. Being able to manage everything that needs to get done in a day, plus the requirements of your personal life can send any entrepreneurs reeling. Finding a precise way to make time for it all takes a nimble hand and a viable strategy that cannot be strayed from.

A lack of a decision is an option if only to maintain the status quo. Fantastic decisions result from crucial thinking the capability to focus your thinking to attain the outcomes that you want key entrepreneurial ability. With no effective way of setting priorities concerning daily conclusions, you will be left with plenty of things to treat without a clue where to start. It is not less or more making the selection.

Here are three tips on how to prioritize the decision-making process to make the most of your time to grow your business.


Assess your core values

Most people make decisions on a whim, based on their feelings at the moment and some light research. But that’s definitely not the recipe for success.

What you should do instead is take a careful assessment of your core values. Then, ask yourself how a “Yes” or a “No” on a certain decision aligns with those core values.

Don’t have a list of values yet? Check out this giant list of values and pick out the 5-10 values that you most relate with.

So for example, if one of your core values is “freedom” and you’re faced with a decision to take on a client that will cause you to work double the amount of weekly hours, then perhaps the best decision would be to say “No.”


Create daily to-do lists based on your priorities

Once you’ve thought your priorities through, it’s time to focus on how those integrate into your daily routine and make a realistic to-do list. If you have a board meeting at 2 p.m. and a parent-teacher conference at 2:30 p.m., putting both on your to-do list will make it rather unlikely that you’ll successfully complete your list.

Of course, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is not that easy to organize: You need to maintain your work-life balance as well as get things done regularly. There’s much more to it than sorting regular tasks using the matrix. There’s something new coming up daily, and no one tool can figure this out for you.


Complete the hardest tasks first

When people procrastinate, they aren’t lazy. Rather, they are merely avoiding doing something they don’t want to do. Tackle the hardest item on your WIN list first. This will eliminate that nagging little voice that keeps sapping thought, energy, and ultimately time away from other tasks that also need to be completed. Surprisingly, most people find that when they do the hardest task first, say in the morning, then they are actually more motivated to keep going. Think of it as a mental morning workout.

The pressure from prioritizing will never completely go away. Even when a business seems to be floating smoothly down the river, a fire will always break out somewhere. However, by doing what is most urgent, focusing on company growth, and tackling those hard tasks first, your company will be set up for success.