Motivation can be a very commonly spoken about subject. And, some people do not understand how motivation actually works. 


The interesting thing is that some people seem to mistake motivation for inspiration. They think that both words have the same meaning, and they often use one word for the other.

The term motivation comes from the word ‘motive’ which means the needs or drives within a person. In contrast, inspiration is the process in which an individual is mentally encouraged to do something.


When it comes to getting employees to do their best work, good managers often adopt the role of a coach. They know that achieving the best results from their team members requires having someone who leads by example and provides the resources to help them do their best. As a result, many managers focus on inspiring and motivating their employees.


Merriam-Webster defines inspiration as follows: “Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.” 

Here’s what it says for motivation: “The act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something.”


What Makes a Leader Inspirational?


An inspirational leader does not just tell employees they are deeply committed to their customer’s experience. The leader must demonstrate this commitment and passion in every meeting, presentation, and how they handle customer problems. The leader’s behavior must inspire employees to act in the same way.


Communication, integrity, inclusion, and sensitivity to the needs of the employees round out the qualities and characteristics of an inspirational leader. No one is inspired by a leader who people think does not care about them.


The ability to communicate that passion, purpose, and meaning to others helps establish the inspirational culture of your organization.


What Makes a Motivational Leader?


The most motivational vision you can have for yourself and others is to “Be the best!” Many people don’t yet realize that excellent performance in serving other people is an absolute, basic essential for survival in the economy of the future.


Many individuals and companies still adhere to the idea that as long as they are no worse than anyone else, they can remain in business. That is prehistoric thinking. We are now in the age of excellence. Customers assume that they will get excellent quality, and if they don’t, they will go to your competitors so fast, people’s heads will spin.


You become a motivational leader by motivating yourself. And you motivate yourself by striving toward excellence, by committing yourself to become everything you are capable of becoming. You motivate yourself by throwing your whole heart into doing your job in an excellent fashion. You motivate yourself and others by continually looking for ways to help others to improve their lives and achieve their goals. You become a motivational leader by becoming the kind of person others want to get behind and support in every way.


While motivation is a good start, the most effective way to lead your team is when motivation is combined with inspiration. When you’re able to help support internal change, your team will become more driven to give their best effort and buy into your company’s vision and mission. It’s time to start inspiring and motivating your team.